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Pure me July 20, 2013

Posted by pearlandroses in Uncategorized.

Pure me

A little while ago I picked a small journal book thinking this will be my very private journal. I will create only for my own eyes and express myself any way I want without worrying about critics. Pure me. The result of course is spreads I love and can’t wait to share with the world…



1. rick gold - July 20, 2013

So lovely and delicate

2. Orly - July 20, 2013

There is something very poetic about it, delicate as Rick says, feminine, lush, soothing, abundant yet minimal. Either way, hidden or revealed, you should never consider “critics”. Trust that your world is all that I said above. It just is.

3. sonia - July 22, 2013

איזה יופי! מרגש ואמיתי

4. apaperbear - July 24, 2013

There is such a lushness here, refreshing. Create for you. Thank you for sharing this wonderfulness with us! Wonderful, wonderful. It is so evident you enjoy what you do.

5. Nicole - July 27, 2013

Lucky for us you decided to share!

6. Julia D - July 28, 2013

Such beautiful arrangements of colour and flowers, soft and sensitive to look at, thanks for sharing…x

7. wendy lee lynds - August 8, 2013

funny how that works, huh? thanks so much for choosing to share your lovely work. feels so light and fresh………!

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