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Wonders August 29, 2010

Posted by pearlandroses in Uncategorized.

Spending time in Egypt this last summer brought me closer to the past. The word ancient has a different meaning for me now. It doesn’t just mean something that happened many years ago,  but something that happened thousands of years ago! It also made me wonder about the meaning of the word immortality. Did the Pyramids and the great Tombs make their kings immortal?  Did the wealth and the art they collected in their tombs make them immortal?  It definitely made their memory immortal. The natural colors that were used brought admiration and realization and the understanding that creativity is endless and that daring is the source of what is called wonder.



1. Orly - August 29, 2010

Wow, these are majestic journal pages, presented to us with beauty and dignity. Throughout hystory it is evident that art makes art makers immortal. Then and today. At least in the eyes of the art maker. You pose ancient questions with a beautiful visual contemporary twist to it. I know that when I create something I feel I have a bit of an eternal life. Awesome feeling.

2. Karena - August 30, 2010

Beautiful painting, beautiful words, beautiful colors and beautiful wonders. Love it and love u, karena

3. Orly - August 30, 2010

Hey, have you noticed how your latest art entry looks so good against the blog header and background colors….pretty dramatic….(:

4. Nicole - August 31, 2010

Beautiful. I like the roses over her face, and the red lips. And the leaves outlined in white, and the red on the bottom, and the……well, it’s all great!

5. apaperbear - August 31, 2010

Pnina! This new spread is just stunning against the background and header. Talk about imortal beauty! They all just blend beautifully! I’d love to see more pictures of your wonderful trip! More please!

6. tami - September 14, 2010

your color combination and the setting is beautiful and powerfull.

7. Sibila - September 20, 2010

I think you are an amazing artist and person my friend, keep on doing what you are doing because it gets better and better!

8. Christina Brittain - September 21, 2010

Gorgeousness, Pnina! I love your blog, the way it is taking shape, the light way you communicate such ponderous, deep things! Love it, love it, love it! I will subscribe right now!
Hugs, Chris

9. Lynn Fisher - September 26, 2010

Hi! I am visiting via Orly’s blog and WOW…what wonderful journal pages. I’m glad you have started blogging…stunning BTW.

10. Orly - October 10, 2010

Want to see some more so badly…

11. apaperbear - October 13, 2010

We want to see more! Post your book! I heard you’ve done some beautiful pages!!!

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