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Blue June 1, 2010

Posted by pearlandroses in Uncategorized.

I don’t know whether it was the beautiful blue color of the sky today or the intense blue color on my daughter’s wall  that inspired me this time. Whatever the source, blue has been the expression. When I was a little girl I loved to read stories about Sheiks and Vazirs – characters from Arabian Nights. So much magic and mystery. The image I picked this time is Indian but it reminded me of the stories I used to like so  much as a child.



1. rick gold - June 1, 2010

Beautiful and expressive.

2. Orly - June 1, 2010

Your journal pages here do remind me as well of the old stories we read as children. They possess these fantastical qualities that take you ‘places’ like on a magic carpet…I love that clear, cool, pure skies, the airiness of it, the floating flowers, not connected to earth, very dreamy and magical…

3. rachel - June 1, 2010

So Bright and Happy!! Love the blend of the image and the stamped rose like red flower on the right.

4. Ella - June 2, 2010

ima, this is beautiful!

5. Deborah - June 2, 2010

Pnina, this is so inspiring. Your colors are amazing, and your prose is honest and clear.

6. Brian Kasstle - June 4, 2010

Hmmm I posted a comment a couple days ago… wonder where it went???

I love the blue dreaminess of it all! Reminds me of flowers floating in a pool… and Arabian Nights tales…. Such a wonderful Pnina style. Very pure and naturalist style. So stunning and expressive! More, MORE, MORE please Pnina dear!

7. Nicole - June 15, 2010

trying to subscribe here…..let’s try again….

8. Brian K - June 16, 2010

Oh Pnina my dear! The new background and header look awesome!!!! Very cool in deed! Now your set to post up a storm! Let’s see you posting tons of those pages your doing??? How about your nature journal???

9. Brian K - June 16, 2010

Oh Pnina the new header and background look awesome!!! Now your blog is all ready for a BUNCH of new posts of your fabulous art!!! How about posting pics of your nature journal???

By the way, I tried posting this a few minutes ago and it disappeared? This happened with your last post, I posted right after you posted it and my comment disappeared? Perhaps you have comment moderation on???

One of your biggest fans!

10. yochi keshet - June 18, 2010

ברכות חמות פנינה, העיצוב של דף הבית מקסים בעיני – נראה שהוא נותן
את רוב המקום לאמנות והטקסט למעשה חוסה בצילה, הוא לא העיקר. וזה מוצא חן בעיני מאוד. התמונות נראות אוטנטיות מאוד חמות ומלאות; נותנות לי תחושה של המצאות בחלום או בהוויה רכה ואופטימית

11. Orly - June 18, 2010

I like this Yochi girl…(:
She wrote so beautifuly to you and I agree with her warm words.

12. Ariel - June 19, 2010

Vazirs, Sheikhs and Shapes.. – on the wings of imagination! Floating and interacting in color and form. Inspiration inspires:)

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